'Like a prison cell' - what life is like locked down in a Plymouth tower block

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People living in tower blocks in Plymouth say the latest lockdown restrictions are making them feel like prisoners in their own homes.

As the Government urges everyone to stay indoors and avoid mixing outside our own households, many who have no access to outdoor space are worried that the measures are affecting their mental health.

People are being urged to stay at home. Credit: ITV News

Chrissie Hine, 70, said: "I haven't been out for a long, long time. So I'm quite used to not staying in now.

"The thing I miss most is being able to see people. My friend comes round once a week and I hope that can still continue because I think I would go nuts if I couldn't see anyone."

Back in April last year Chrissie began shielding due to respiratory problems.

Three months later we followed her as she stepped outside and enjoyed some much-needed fresh air. Today, she admits the isolation is beginning to get her down.

"I'm lucky in that I get groceries delivered, I'm not so lucky in that I can't see my family or my mum, who is 91 now."

This is the third time ITV West Country has reported on life under lockdown at the Mount Wise towers.

Jake (right) and Campbell (left) live together on the 15th floor. Credit: ITV News

Jake Evans and Campbell Kerr live together on the 15th floor. They worry about how an another prolonged lockdown could affect their lives.

Jake said: "We can't really get as view or anything, so you literally feel like you're in a prison cell or something like that.

"It just makes you feel depressed, like you can't do anything. Makes you feel doom and gloom. We don't get to go out or socialise, so we're really struggling."

A spokesman for Plymouth Community Homes said: "We're working closely with residents in the Mount Wise Towers community to offer our help and support over the course of the latest lockdown.

"We are keeping in touch with our most vulnerable residents ensuring they have access to food and medical supplies.

"We recognise the strength of community down at the Mount Wise Towers and it's great to see people looking out for each other during these difficult times."

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