Stark rise in coronavirus patients in hospital in the South West as nearly 1,500 people being treated

Hospitals across the West Country have recorded a rise in the number of Covid patients since Christmas. Credit: Aaron Chown/PA

The number of Covid-19 patients being treated at hospitals in the South West has gone up by more than a quarter since Christmas.

The latest data by NHS England suggests nearly 1,500 people were suffering from the virus in hospitals in the region on 5 January.

That is up 27 per cent on the 1,106 patients being treated in hospitals on Christmas Day.

The situation is particularly bad at Great Western Hospital, which has recorded a 50 per cent rise in Covid-19 patients in the past week.

Covid-19 cases have risen by more than 50 per cent at Swindon's Great Western Hospital in the past week.

An operating theatre has had to be converted into an intensive care unit, meaning some non-urgent operations are now being cancelled.

Kevin McNamara, chief executive of Great Western Hospital, has warned more measures may be required in the coming weeks to deal with the sudden influx.

“Inevitably, because of the sharp increase in the number of cases and the number of patients we’re seeing with Covid, we’re having to cancel some operations,” he said.

Just overnight, we’ve made the decision to expand our intensive care unit and that means using space that otherwise would be used to operate on patients.

Kevin McNamara, chief executive of Great Western Hospital

Covid patient increases - by NHS trust

The number of people occupying hospital beds with Covid-19 has increased at almost all of the region’s hospitals.

Data published by NHS England shows the latest figures up to 5 January.

Here are the figures:

Dorset County Hospital has seen the single biggest percentage rise in Covid patients, from 9 on Christmas Day to 35 on 5 January.
  • University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust: 44% increase

  • North Bristol NHS Trust: 3.5% decrease

  • Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Trust: 8.5% increase

  • Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: 19% increase

  • Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: 84% increase

  • Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust: 105% increase

  • Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust: 27% decease

  • Somerset NHS Foundation Trust: 16% increase

  • Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust: 200% increase

  • Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust: 136% increase

  • Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust: 58% decrease

  • University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust: 123% increase

  • Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust: 35% decrease

  • Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust: 12% increase

  • Devon Partnership NHS Trust: 100% increase

  • Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust: 33% increase

  • Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust: 33% increase

  • Dorset County Hospital NHS Trust: 288% increase

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