'We burst into tears' - family's joy as toddler's brain tumour stable

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The family of a little girl have issued a heartwarming thank you to NHS workers after their toddler's tumour stopped growing.

Ellie Humphries has a tumour which saw her undergo a 14-hour operation when she was just six months old. She then suffered a stroke, went through months of chemotherapy and had pneumonia before Christmas.

But finally her parents have had some good news - her tumour has not regrown.

Mum Jenna Humphries said: "With no treatment, it was every possibility that the tumour could return.

"Her next scan was due before Christmas, and before we knew it he was saying, the scan is stable, it's okay.

"We had both burst into tears, and we said 'you have just given us the best Christmas present, that's all we have ever asked for'."

Ellie and her mum Jenna

Jenna wants to say a big thank you to those who cared for Ellie while she was in hospital:

"Without our amazing NHS, Ellie wouldn't be here, there is no doubt about that. So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts."

Ellie has been cared for at home by nurses from the Julia's House children's hospice.

Julia's House has been supporting the family. Credit: Julia's House/Ryan Tabor

Her dad, Luke Humphries, said: "To have a trained nurse and a carer come into your home and say 'this is your time now, you can have some time' - it's quite, overwhelming really, it's amazing."

Ellie may not be completely out of the woods yet, but her family are cherishing every special smile and laugh that she gives them.

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