90-year-old woman says Covid-19 vaccine is the best birthday present ever

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A woman from Peasedown St John near Bath says she got the best present of her life on her 90th birthday - a vaccination against Covid-19.

Margaret Hopkins has three children, seven grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren and they were all celebrating after she received the jab.

She has not been able to hug them for ten months and she said the vaccine was the best gift she could hope for.

Birthday outing - Margaret's daughter Julie Skuse took her to the vaccination clinic in Midsomer Norton. Credit: ITV West Country

Mrs Hopkins said, "Well to be honest, it's just wonderful. To be able to think that this will hopefully help us to get back to normal."

Except for a couple of hospital appointments, she has not been out since March 2020.

Margaret says she was last out on her own on 11 March 2020, well before the first coronavirus lockdown began on 23 March.

Mrs Hopkins had to celebrate Christmas shut off in the conservatory to keep her safe. Credit: Family

Margaret's daughter, Julie Skuse, welcomes the hope that her mum's Covid vaccination brings.

She said: "It will just be good that we don't have to just talk to her through her front door or through the window. And she just loves having the kids there."

A much younger Margaret Hopkins with her three children. Credit: Family

Margaret has always played a big role in her grandchildren and great grandchildren's lives but this has had to stop during the pandemic and, of course, they could not have the big 90th birthday celebration they wanted.

The great grandmother said: "The children couldn't understand when they said 'Nanny Peg, you can't have a party today' and I said, 'No, but, living in the war years, I had six years where I never had a party.

"Not because my mum wouldn't give me one but of course it was all rationing then, wasn't it?"

11 of Margaret's 15 great grandchildren sing her a happy 90th birthday via video link. Credit: Family

Eleven of the youngest children were able to be with their nanny virtually to wish her a happy birthday, thanks to modern technology.

The party hasn't been cancelled - just postponed. Margaret will celebrate turning 90 and a half in the summer... hopefully with her family by her side.

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