'It's gutting' - landlord's anger as beer thrown away due to takeaway alcohol ban

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A pub landlord from Bridgwater in Somerset says he has had to pour money down the drain, as under new lockdown rules he can’t sell any alcohol.

Dan Kilduff runs The Crown Inn in Catcott and says he has already had to throw away six kegs of beer, because it won’t keep.

Dan said: “It is gutting. It is local beer and cider and we could be selling it to local people which would stop the wastage and put some money in our back pockets.”

Pub landlord throws away beer as he has been banned from selling alcohol during lockdown.

During the last lockdown The Crown Inn at Catcott in Bridgwater was able to survive by serving home-cooked takeaway food as well as takeaway alcoholic drinks. But this time alcohol is off the menu.  

Dan says they've already lost a fortune, and selling takeaway meals is now their only source of income.

Pub landlord Dan Kilduff says people need to support local businesses during lockdown.

“Your local pub, which is trying its hardest to survive, is only doing two or three meals a night,” he said.

“It doesn't make any sense to me. People need to support local, they really do. And it is not just pubs - it is your butchers and grocers, your restaurants, everything. 

“Soon there will only be your big chains that will be left and it is going to be a shame to see all these local businesses go under.”

The Crown Inn at Catcott in Bridgwater

Dan says the Government needs to offer landlords a lifeline and let them sell alcohol again - as he says rural pubs are at the heart of a community and it is vital they survive.  

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