Care worker gives birth just 10 days after finding out she's pregnant

Credit: BPM Media

A mum from Portishead has welcomed a baby girl into the world after only finding out she was pregnant just 10 days before.

Sam Hicks gave birth to baby Julia on Monday January 11 at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

Surprisingly she did not even find out she was expecting after being admitted to hospital in November with coronavirus.

Care home worker Sam had taken several pregnancy tests throughout the year but all of them said 'negative'.

She and her husband Joe only finally found out she was pregnant when she took a test on January 2.

Credit: BPM Media

Joe admits “there were some signs” she was expecting “but as Sam had done numerous pregnancy tests all which came back negative, she just put it down to stomach problems.”It was not until Joe felt his wife’s stomach while they were sat relaxing on New Year’s Day and felt a kick when Sam decided to do another test.The following day she took another test which confirmed she was 'three weeks plus' but little did she know she was days away from giving birth.

The couple already have two children, eight-year-old Johnny and three-year-old Thomas, but quickly had to make preparations for the new arrival.

But before any of the planned appointments with the midwife could happen, baby Julia arrived weighed in at 7lb 8 oz.

Credit: BPM Media

Sam has remained in hospital since, due to Julia having some breathing difficulties, but Joe hopes to have them home in the next few days.

“I just can’t wait to get them back home,” he said.

“We already have two lovely boys, so Julia coming along was a massive shock,” said Joe.

“But she’s absolutely gorgeous and we couldn’t be happier.

“When we found out Sam was pregnant we sat the boys down and told them they were having a new baby brother or sister.

“Johnny was over the moon and really excited about the new sibling whereas Thomas is a bit too young to properly understand.

“Normally siblings have a bit of time to get used to the news there is going to be a new arrival - not just a few days.”

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