Bristol's vulnerable are vaccinated in their homes by husband and wife team

Dominique Thompson and Simon Bradley vaccinate 91 year old Frieda Solyom against Covid-19 on her doorstep.

A husband and wife, who are both doctors in Bristol, have been vaccinating dozens of vulnerable people in their homes - and what's more they've given up their free time to do it. 

Simon Bradley, who is a GP partner at Concord Medical Centre in Little Stoke and his wife Dominique Thompson, who is a returning GP, have joined forces to  travel round and give those most in need the Covid vaccine on their day off.

Simon Bradley and his wife Dominique Thompson are vaccinating the vulnerable in their homes.

Dominique said: “It felt like a really easy simple way of getting round to lots of people in one day was just to get in the car together, go out with the supplies, we've got our little trolley, we go into people’s houses and we are like a vaccine flying squad.”

“The quicker we get people vaccinated the safer we get our society,” said Simon. “It is really lovely to be able to help some of my patients I've known for years, who otherwise wouldn't have been able to get the vaccine.”

91-year-old Frieda Solyom receives the Covid vaccine on her doorstep.

91-year-old Frieda Solyom, was one of the first people to get the jab at her home in Little Stoke.  She would struggle to get to a vaccination centre - so this is a lifeline.

“It is brilliant, absolutely wonderful,” she said, straight after receiving the vaccine by her front door. “I am housebound health wise and I am most grateful I have this service on the doorstep.”

Dr Dominique Thompson and Dr Simon Bradley cut their caterpillar wedding cake

It is not the first time the couple have made sacrifices to help during the pandemic - last March they made headlines after they moved their wedding by three months so they could focus on the crisis. 

The couple only had two guests at their wedding in March.

Dominique came out of retirement to provide extra support and she and her husband are proving to be the perfect team.


“Dominique has been doing the talking and I've been providing the vaccine but it works very well,” said Simon. “Yes we're a good team,” added Dominique. “I brought the sandwiches and he brought all the kit and I think it works quite well actually.”

This couple say it's an honour to use their medical skills to help bring an end to the pandemic and hopefully a return to normality, where these newlyweds can finally go on honeymoon.