Bath's Harmonie-Rose does the actions to 'Baby Shark' for the first time in her life

Seven-year-old Harmonie-Rose Allen from Bath lost all her limbs to meningitis as a baby but has never let that stop her doing whatever she puts her mind to.

She is now celebrating being able to do the actions to 'Baby Shark' for the very first time, thanks to an electric hand.

Harmonie first tried one out in August 2020 and was able to make it work using the muscles in what is left of her upper arm. Just before Christmas, Harmonie was loaned a demo hand to try at home and she quickly mastered Pinkfong's viral hit song.

Harmonie's mum, Freya Hall, posted the video on Instagram saying: "It's something that we all take for granted every day.

"Having this demo hand and being able to do the actions to 'Baby Shark' is her life right now."

Harmonie shows off her demo electric hand which she quickly learned to work with the muscles in her upper arm. Credit: Freya Hall

Freya told ITV New: "I’m just really proud of her she picked it up within a session, which apparently most adults take a long time to learn! She’s just amazing!"

The arm has gone back to the manufacturers, Dorset Orthopaedic, and the family are waiting for a date for one to be specially made for Harmonie.

Harmonie-Rose, seen here playing football wearing her 'blades', is part of the Football Association's Lionheart Squad. Credit: Instagram/Hope4Harmonie

Harmonie is going from strength to strength.

In the past few months she has been welcomed into the Football Association's Lionheart squad, alongside people like Captain Sir Thomas Moore and fitness coach Joe Wicks

The inspirational youngster also won gold in an international sports competition for her gymnastics skills and became a junior ambassador for Meningitis Now.