Emotional moment couple in their 90s are reunited after three month separation due to Covid-19

  • Watch the moment 93-year-old Roger and 91-year-old Sadie were reunited after three months apart

A couple in their 90s have had an emotional reunion at a Cornish care home after they were separated for three months due to Covid-19 - the longest they had been apart in 70 years of marriage.

93-year-old Roger Bulley fell ill at home in autumn 2020 and had to have a hip replacement at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro. He was then moved to Falmouth Hospital to recover. His wife Sadie, 91, was not allowed to visit him due to coronavirus regulations.

Two's company - Roger and Sadie Bulley during lockdown in spring 2020, before they were cruelly separated. Credit: Dave Bulley

In the meantime, Sadie moved into the Caprera care home in St Austell. Roger eventually came to join her but they were not able to see each other for another ten days as Roger had to self-isolate.

Their son, Dave Bulley said, "Due to Covid, mum and dad have not seen each other during the last three months, the longest period they have ever been away from each other.

"They have been married 70 years."

Roger and Sadie Bulley have been together for more than 70 years and this was the longest they have been apart. Credit: Dave Bulley

Dave Bulley added, "Dad was moved into the same care home and had to isolate for ten days but mum was not informed as it may have been too upsetting, knowing he was there and she couldn’t see him."

The pair, who hail from St Blazey, were eventually brought together at the care home, in an instant that was caught on camera. Their son Dave said he wanted to share the 'uplifting moment' with ITV News viewers.

Together at last - Sadie and Roger Bulley photographed through the window at their St Austell care home because of the risk of Covid-19. Credit: Dave Bulley

The first thing Roger and Sadie did together that afternoon was to get their Covid-19 vaccinations.

The soulmates are now able to spend their twilight years in one another's company.

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