Wife of Exmouth's 'Mr Snuggles' speaks of heartbreak after 'soul mate' died with Covid-19

Lisa met Adrian when they were both working abroad. Credit: BPM Media

A woman from South Devon has spoken of her heartbreak after losing her "soul mate" of more than 25 years to coronavirus.

Adrian Hamer, 55, from Exmouth, died on Boxing Day after contracting the virus.

His devastated wife, Lisa, also contracted it in December and said: "He was my absolute soul mate - I feel cheated and robbed.

"'All of these people who claim this virus is a hoax, need to get their heads out of their a****.''

The couple were known in the Devon town as 'Mr and Mrs Snuggles' because they ran an autistic-friendly cafe called 'Mrs Snuggles' on the high street.

Speaking about her husband, who she met more than 25 years ago, Lisa joked: "I didn't like him when I first met him, but opposites attract and I ended up falling madly in love with him - he treated me like a lady.''

Adrian had no underlying health conditions, Lisa said. Credit: BPM Media

Lisa's life turned upside down in December when she tested positive for Covid-19 after developing symptoms including a headache, cough and chest pains.

Fortunately for Lisa her symptoms were fairly mild but despite isolating from Adrian, the 55-year-old tested positive for the virus after taking his third test.

Lisa said Adrian "brushed off" his mild symptoms at first, but his heath deteriorated after a few days and he was admitted to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

Three days later, he was placed in the hospital's intensive care unit.

"Adrian fought hard but he was mentally and physically exhausted so the decision was made to place him in an induced coma and on a ventilator," Lisa said.

''I got a call from the hospital in the early hours on Christmas Day warning us that Adrian's health had deteriorated so we got to to the hospital as soon as we could arriving around 3am.

''They sat us in a room and said that it was end of life and that they had made the decision that they were not going to resuscitate him.

''I put on PPE and the hospital staff set up a bed in his room so I could lie with him.

''I was just sat talking to him and stroking his hair, I even gave him a hair cut.

''I left in the evening at around 7.30pm and the hospital staff had told me he had a bit of an improvement - I thought that was because he could hear me talking to him.''

At first Adrian only had mild symptoms of the virus. Credit: BPM Media

During the early hours of Boxing Day, Lisa was called by hospital staff and given the devastating news that Adrian's health was getting worse.

She arrived at the hospital, where staff had set up a bed for her next to Adrian. He died just a few hours after she arrived.

Lisa said: "The consultant told us that although Adrian had underlying health conditions, that it was not a cause for concern.

''The consultant told us that he was young, fit and extremely healthy.

''I know I was so lucky to be able to be there and say my goodbye's to Adrian - so many people have not had the chance.

''I want to raise awareness.

''But I just wanted to take my mask off and give him a kiss goodbye.''

Now Lisa's friend, Kelly Bramford, has set up a GoFundMe page in memory of Adrian in the hope of raising money for a memorial bench and a Bios Incube® Lite in Adrian's honour.

If restrictions allow, Kelly also wants to organise a memorial event in the summer for all those families who have lost loved ones to the virus.

Lisa said: ''Organising this isn't just for Adrian, it is to be dedicated to all of the individual people who have lost their lives.

''Adrian was my absolute soul mate and he was taken too soon.''

Lisa has welcomed anyone who has been through a similar thing to contact her via Lisa@Atlantis.gb.net if they want to talk.

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