Doctor sees dad for first time in 10 months - when giving him Covid vaccine

  • See how Dr Anne Hampton felt about being able to vaccinate her father

A doctor from Gloucestershire says the chance to personally vaccinate her father in his care home was "too good an opportunity" to turn down.

Dr Anne Hampton was Clinical Director for a group of GPs administering Covid-19 vaccines.

A video taken by her son Billy shows her seeing her father in Nailsworth for the first time in 10 months as she gave him the jab. She also vaccinated 21 other people.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Dr Hampton said she suddenly "realised I could be part of the team going into his care home, to deliver the vaccine and it just felt like too good an opportunity to be with him for a brief moment, and to be able to touch him in a safe way".

She added: "As I walked into the room I remembered that he hates vaccinations, he hates injections, so I suddenly thought oh my goodness, maybe he will jump out of the chair which he nearly did."

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