More than 100 fines issued in Gloucestershire for Covid breaches in lockdown

Police attended the scene of a crash on the M5 near Portishead after man drove 350 miles for kebab
Gloucestershire Constabulary have issued 112 fines since the start of national lockdown

More than 100 fines have been issued by Gloucestershire Constabulary since the start of the third national lockdown

A total of 112 fixed penalty notices have been issued by the police since the start of the third lockdown on Wednesday 6 January.

The force believes only a small minority of individuals breach the rules but also stress that flouting of legislation leads straight to enforcement.

Nine fines were administered at the weekend, including incidents such as:

  • A man travelling from Swindon to Tewkesbury to spend the evening at a friend's house

  • A social gathering of four people from two households in Cheltenham

  • Three people from different households found in a car together at a viewpoint in Birdlip

Staff at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital have spoken out about tough conditions faced in lockdown Credit: PA

Further examples of people breaking lockdown rules across the West Country include a man was fined for driving to Plymouth from London to see his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, one man was arrested for driving from Cirencester to Stroud to buy drugs, whilst another individual faced penalties for driving 350 miles to purchase a kebab.

The Government’s advice on legally following national lockdown rules says people should not leave their home except for certain reasons, including shopping for necessities, exercising with their households, support bubble or one other person.

Gloucestershire Constabulary stressed they will not hesitate to give out fines to anyone who decides to not follow the Government’s advice.

They said: “We would call upon anyone who is committing flagrant breaches like these to remember that we are in the middle of a public health crisis and that our officers will be speaking to anyone who they believe could be breaking the law.

“If officers consider a warning is appropriate, we also record that warning on our system so if that person is stopped again we know a fine will be necessary.

“To everyone who is keeping to the legislation and the guidance, thank you. We know the sacrifices people are making to do this and are doing everything we can in our policing approach to reduce infections in the county.”

Further guidance can be found on the Government’s website which details all of the national lockdown rules and guidance.

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