Where was Bridgerton filmed? The Bath locations that were transformed for hit Netflix show

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It's Netflix's answer to Downton Abbey.  Bridgerton has been taking the world by storm since its release on Christmas Day.

Narrated by the mysterious Lady Whistledown (voiced by Julie Andrews), she writes a newsletter, full of tittle-tattle about the dating exploits of high society. No wonder it's been described as a Regency-era Gossip Girl.

A keen eye will spot many of Bath's landmarks peppered throughout the series, albeit well disguised as London.

The city served as one of the main locations, especially for creating exterior shots. When you consider the area's period architecture and cobbled streets, it is not surprising.

At the Holburne Museum, producers used the impressive approach of the building to convince the audience this was the home of Lady Danbury - played by Bristol actress Adjoa Andoh.

She told ITV News West Country: "It was particularly lovely for me. Lady Danbury's house is the museum in Bath, so every time you see her sweeping out of her front door that's the location we used.

"We also filmed at Badminton House, which is five miles from my dad. A lot of the show for me was on home turf as it were."

The cast and crew were spotted filming at a number of locations across Bath such as No 1 Royal Crescent, Sydney Place and Abbey Green where The Abbey Deli was transformed into dressmakers 'Modiste'.

This deli became the dressmakers 'Modiste'. Credit: ITV News

Now a coffee machine replaces the sewing machine, but the owner of this newly-established business is grateful for the building's previous life.

Nicky Ison said: "Every time I see (the shop) on the TV I just squeak and freeze frame it and then rewatch it.

"Gradually people are walking past and almost doing a double take. They'll stop and think, 'is that the shop that was in Bridgerton?' And then they will come in and ask us."

Everywhere you look in this grand city could be a film set - even the quieter areas. The likes of Trim Street was used for both exterior and interior scenes.

Trim Street in Bath was transformed in a 19th century street scene Credit: Paul Gillis/SomersetLive

Kimberly Richardson's clothing boutique was transformed into the hat shop.

She said: "They put garlands round, took the sign down, put the new sign up, asked me what colour the door was, I said 'once was white' and the set designer said 'that'll do'. They covered the number 13 up as well as the sign, and the bell, they hid the bell.

"There were flowers everywhere. It was great fun."

A clothing boutique on Trim Street was changed in a 'Hat Emporium'. Credit: Kimberly Richardson / ITV News

The show's main protagonist the Duke of Hastings also took boxing lessons while filming the hit show in Bath.

Rege-Jean Page was "charming" according to Tom Crudgington, the who co-runs Body Development based on Windsor Bridge Road and trained him.

Bridgerton star Rege-Jean Page and Tom Crudgington who trained him in Bath. Credit: Tom Crudgington / BPM MEDIA

Mr Crudgington has 30 years of experience with Thai Boxing, MMA and karate which he has coached to international standard and trained Rege-Jean for four sessions in 2018.

He said: "His people got in touch with us and asked me if we could train him while he was filming in Bath. I have worked with celebs before like Spencer Matthews and Josie Gibson so wasn't phased and we arranged to meet for a trial session.

"We had a little session called punch out which is a boxing based fitness session and he loved it."

And there's hope the crew could return to Bath again soon, as Netflix has confirmed a second season of the show.