Care worker crashed car because of black ice on road which had not been gritted

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People living near a road in Somerset are pleading for it to be gritted after a care worker crashed - leaving homes without power.

Palliative care worker Charlotte Browning was driving through Puddlebridge at the speed limit when she hit black ice and came off the road.

Nearby residents say it is an accident hotspot and fear someone could be seriously hurt.

One homeowner says he had to replace a wall three times in recent years because cars have crashed into it.

There have been multiple crashes on the road in recent years.

This accident left homes without power and saw the road closed for hours, but it is something residents say they are used to.

Andrew Bradbury said: "We've been living here for over 40 years and we've averaged over those 40 years more than one accident per year.

"Our paddock fence has been knocked down.

"We all think it's appalling that the council choose not to grit it."

He told ITV News West Country one wall has had to be rebuilt three times in 10 years - two of those within the past three years.

The wall has been damaged multiple times.

Another resident, Elinor Padfield, said: "You listen out for the bump.

"Fortunately nobody has been killed. But possibly because nobody gets killed, nothing gets done about it.

"We have concerns that something serious will happen."

Charlotte Browning said her job as a care worker means she needs to be able to drive all the time.

She added: "The fact that quite a main road is not gritted is quite shocking to be honest."

Cllr John Woodman from Somerset County Council said: "We have clear criteria of what roads get gritted and what don't and that has to fit with the budget we have.

"If we took one road out we'd have to replace it with another road but we'd also have to change the policy and that would mean a lot more roads would be included as well, which we obviously couldn't do.

"But even if the road is gritted, ice can still form. It's never safe to travel in these conditions, you have to check the network and find the best route."

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