Man who lost dad to Covid speaks about heartbreak and grieving in lockdown

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A grieving son whose father died of Covid-19 has set up a support group to help other people struggling to cope with loss during lockdown.

Liam Meyer's dad David was 62 when he died in March last year, after spending 11 days in intensive care at Torbay Hospital.

Due to the contagious nature of the virus and Covid restrictions, David died without his family by his side.

Late David Meyer, pictured with his wife Credit: Liam Meyer

Liam says his dad, a retired bus driver, was a popular man who loved making people laugh. But only nine people could attend his funeral due to coronavirus restrictions.

He said: "He loved having a laugh, he was a right joker. He enjoyed making people laugh - even if you were laughing at him."

"I know dad knew that I loved him, I know he knew that we all loved him. I told him every time I saw him. I'm a hugger, I always hugged the hell out of him every time I saw him.

"The first thought that goes through your head is, if he can hear and if he doesn't hear our voices does he think that we don't care? But I've come to terms with, he did know we care."

Liam believes a lack of human contact during lockdown is causing greater anxiety for people grieving loved-ones.

Liam said although they can't hug one another or see each other as much as they'd like, he is grateful he has the support of his mum and four older sisters.

Realising though that many people out there will be struggling to come to terms with losing someone to Covid-19 and feeling isolated, Liam set up Facebook support group 'Alone Together'.

Late David Meyer, 62, passed away with covid after 11 days in intensive care Credit: Liam Meyer

It now has more than 600 members from across the UK and as well as members from South Africa, America and Australia.

He said: "I'm not taking away the fact that losing someone is bad at any time but this has been really, really difficult for a lot of people and it is still going on, it has made me quite anxious about the virus even now.

"Living with that anxiety of the virus and the grief and worrying about your family around you is a similar trend throughout the whole group."

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