Woman injured in Bude gas explosion taken to Bristol hospital

Three people were inside the house in Bude when it exploded.

A woman injured in a gas explosion which destroyed a house in Cornwall is getting further treatment at a hospital in Bristol.

Josie Cornish, her husband Alan and son Darren were all injured after the explosion at their house last week.

Emergency services said at the time the trio were not seriously hurt, though Josie and her son both suffered burns to their face and hands.

The house was partially destroyed by the explosion.

Josie has since been taken to Southmead Hospital for treatment for an infection, her son told ITV News West Country.

“Mum has been taken to Southmead Hospital in Bristol due to complications and risk of sepsis,” Darren said.

“Dad is okay - still in shock.”

The explosion at their semi-detached house was described as “sounding like a bomb going off”.

Darren said residents across Bude heard the noise, with many assuming it was thunder.

He said he and a friend managed to get his parents out of the house, which was badly damaged by the blast.

Pictures from the scene showed parts of the walls had collapsed, with debris scattered across their front garden.

Debris was left scattered outside following the explosion. Credit: Bude Community Fire Station

An online crowdfunding campaign was subsequently launched and has so far raised more than £8,000 for the stricken family.

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