'It's deadly' - teacher running to raise cash for Southmead after entire family hit by Covid

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A teacher whose entire close family has been hit by Covid-19 says he will run 10 kilometres every day until his mum wins her fight against the virus.

Christine Marshall, 68, is on a ventilator in Bristol's Southmead Hospital after becoming the latest member of her family to be infected.

Her son Andy Marshall-Aherne said: "She got what seemed like flu and within the space of five days she was hospitalised after collapsing on the stairs."

Unable to see or even speak to her, he's raising money for the hospital's charity which supports NHS staff. 

Craig and Andy Marshall-Aherne Credit: Craig and Andy Marshall-Aherne

Relying on hospital staff for a daily phone update on his mum's condition, Andy says he's appreciated the invaluable work they do for all those suffering.

After 17 consecutive days of running the 10k distance, the 36-year-old deputy principal at Kings Oak Academy in Kingswood, South Gloucestershire, raised more than £3,000, three times more than his original target.

"If I can push through this, then my mum can keep fighting and hopefully we can pull through it," he added. 

Andy Marshall-Aherne Credit: Andy Marshall-Aherne

Andy's husband, Craig, their two sons and both his parents were all hit by the virus within five days of the new year.

Craig, who after his own battle, is now fighting it for others at Bath's Royal United Hospital, adds: "I think people are still taking it for granted until it hits you or your family.

"I've seen it on both a work and family front. It is deadly and you don't know who it's going to infect and how. We can't be complacent."

You can donate to the fundraising campaign here.

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