Bristol NHS worker 'emotional' after stranger's act of kindness at McDonald's drive-thru

Brislington NHS worker
Beata, from Brislington, works as a sonographer at St Michael's Hospital Credit: BPM Media

An NHS worker was left feeling emotional after a stranger's act of kindness after a long week at work.

Beata, from Brislington, works as a sonographer at St Michael's Hospital.

On Saturday, the mum-of-two was feeling tired after a six-day week and decided to visit to McDonald's to buy some food for her family as a treat.

Beata went to the chain's drive-thru on Bath Road and ordered two happy meals for her twins, as well as some cheese burgers and fries, with the total order coming to around £17.

But when she went to pay, she was told her order had already been paid for by someone in a car in front of her.

Beata said: "The gentleman at the pay point told me that the lady saw I was wearing my scrubs so she said she wanted to pay for my order.

Beata never got a chance to say thank you to the stranger, but she was able to see the woman was driving a dark colour car, with the registration plate starting WT17, before she drove off.

Posting on Facebook, she said: "To the most amazing lady in a black (dark colour) car with a number plate starting WT17!

"I am still in a complete shock. I would like to say a massive thank you for paying for my McDonald’s order today in McDonald's Brislington.

"I was wearing my scrubs just finished work ( I am an Sonographer scanning pregnant ladies and gynaecology) and felt very tired decided to take some McDonald’s home as a treat after work for our twins and my husband. Thank you so much."

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