Plymouth man fined hundreds after letting dog poo outside woman’s house

The man was taken to court after letting his dog foul outside a woman's house.

The owner of a dog in Plymouth has been fined hundreds of pounds after letting it do its business outside a woman’s home.

The woman spotted the dog fouling outside her house and waited to see if its owner was going to pick it up.

But when the he did not, she approached him and offered a poo bag - which he ignored.

Refusing to let the matter drop, the woman followed the man and managed to work out where he lives.

A generic dog fouling poster.

She then reported the issue and provided his address to Plymouth City Council, who issued the man with a £100 fixed penalty notice.

After failing to pay the fine, the council took the man to court where he was found guilty. He was made to pay a total of £885 in fines and costs.

This comes after a council crackdown on owners not acting responsibly and clearing up after their pets.

"Uniformed and plain clothed officers will be patrolling areas of the city where complaints have been received."

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