Crowd of 150 people gathered in Newquay to watch surfers tackle large waves

surf warning Newquay credit Cornwall Live
The surfers' efforts drew a large crowd of spectators. Credit: Cornwall Live

A crowd of around 150 people gathered to watch surfers tackle huge waves in Newquay sparking police patrols.

Officers from Devon and Cornwall Police will be monitoring crowds at headlands in and around Newquay today.

A warning has been issued for people to stay at home.

A handful of surfers tackled the famous Cribbar reef in Newquay on Monday 1 February where waves were estimated to peak at 24ft.

The unusual conditions followed in the wake of another large swell, caused by an 'ultra-rare weather pattern' which battered the south coast on Saturday 30 January, causing Coastguards to close off Porthleven harbour.

Out from the Towan Headland in Newquay, the Cribbar reef when paired with perfect tidal, wind and swell conditions can create a spot popular with big-wave surfers.

The surfer's efforts drew a large crowd of spectators, who watched from the safety of the headland throughout the day.

The number of people gathering on the headland to watch The Cribbar prompted Devon and Cornwall Police to patrol the area alongside private security workers.

Inspector Guy Blackford, who covers Newquay and St Columb Major, said: "Many people gathered on the headlands over the weekend to watch the huge waves.

"Please stay safe, stay at home and stay local."One of the security guards patrolling Towan Headland car park estimated there were at least 150 people congregated to watch the surfers.Security said they would be working with local police, who would be looking to issue fines to those who were breaching Covid-19 restrictions.

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