Starved and dirty kitten found in rubbish pile

scoop the kitten
The kitten - since named Scoop - was barely moving when he was rescued. Credit: North Devon Animal Ambulance

A fundraiser has been set up after a tiny kitten was found "starving" among a pile of rubbish at a recycling centre in Devon.

A worker at Deep Moor recycling centre in Torrington called for help from a colleague when he thought he heard a noise amongst the rubbish, but they couldn't find anything.

But when the industrial machine used to move the rubbish gently scooped up the pile, workers could see unusual movement.

After carefully lowering the machine down to the ground, workers found a weak, dirty kitten who was barely able to move or meow.

Animal welfare charity North Devon Animal Ambulance says the scenario is more common than many might think.

The workers acted quickly, wrapping the kitten in a jumper and rushing it to the charity's clinic where vets Heather and Diana were ready to start providing treatment.

The charity are raising money to provide care for Scoop. Credit: North Devon Animal Ambulance

The kitten was found to have multiple injuries, including a badly infected eye and scarring to his face. Both of his front legs were injured, and he was dehydrated and starved.

He was given fluids and antibiotics and admitted to the Special Care Unit where he was fittingly named Scoop.

Staff at the clinic say he will need weeks of treatment and "TLC" to recover.

Meanwhile the staff at the recycling centre carefully carried out a thorough search to see if any more kittens had been lost in the rubbish, but none were found.

The North Devon Animal Ambulance has praised the Deep Moor staff for being so compassionate towards Scoop.

A fundraiser has been started to give Scoop the medical care he needs to make a full recovery.

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