Avon and Somerset Police are attending hundreds of Covid breaches every week

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Nearly 50,000 reports of lockdown breaches have been reported to Avon & Somerset Police, the force has said.

There were 629 this weekend alone.

ITV News West Country filmed with the North Bristol Neighbourhood Team as it was called to reports of parties and family gatherings.

Sgt Rich Jones said: "We joined the police to prevent crime and go after bad people, we didn't join the police to tell them what they can do or when they can see their mum or their friends.

"It's not a comfortable position to be. But at the moment it's exceptional times and we have to step up as police officers to do that to keep people safe so we can all get back to normal."

PCSO Kelly Taylor says it can be hard to police around people's grief. Credit: ITV West Country

One team was called to a vigil at the Memorial Stadium where a crowd of some 30 people was mourning the death of a young man. Police Community Support Officer Kelly Taylor attended.

"It's very sensitive and police and PCSOs are human beings themselves. We have to talk to people, educate, reinforce what our jobs are and what we have to do. But do that with a bit of sensitivity at the same time. Things like vigils, people are grieving so you'll go down the educational route."

So far there have been:

Of those, 29,264 have been over the phone and officers attended 44% of those incidents.

Avon & Somerset Police has issued 1,377 fixed penalty notices.

Officers caution people against breaking the lockdown restrictions. Credit: ITV West Country

Over the weekend (5-8 February) there were 629 breach reports, 480 of those were over the phone and officers attended 60.6% of them. 

The force issued 83 Fixed Penalty Notices.

Police often find themselves going into properties where people may have Covid-19.

Sgt Rich Jones said: "As a police officer we're always putting ourselves in risky situations.

"At the moment the big risk is the virus. But in a year's time, two years' time, we'll be going into an address because someone's got a weapon. So there's a risk doing this job, it's just a different type of risk really."

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