Fears disadvantaged children may 'become invisible' in pandemic

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A charity that works with disadvantaged children across the UK says more than 700,000 children are experiencing digital poverty.

Villiers Park Educational Trust runs some of its projects in Cornwall. CEO Rae Tooth says there is an imbalance between those that have the learning tools they need, and those that don't.

St Agnes teacher Toby Keane taught for more than a decade in Newquay secondary schools and now runs an English school.

He says he fears many children are feeling lost through distance learning.

Toby Keane Credit: Skool Cornwall

Toby has moved his English school 'Skool Cornwall' onto Youtube, offering free lessons for 11-16 year olds who may be struggling.

One primary school in West Cornwall told ITV News West Country it had made repeated requests for 4G dongles that would allow children with no internet access to get online.

When ITV News West Country contacted the Department for Education it said it would send the equipment ''as a matter of priority.''

Since last April, the DfE says it has sent out 986,849 laptops or tablets and 9133 routers or dongles.

A Department for Education spokesperson said: