Tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore pulled down and binned from Colston stand

The 100-year-old raised almost almost £39million for NHS charities. Credit: Steven Stone / BPM Media

A man who put up a tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore at the site of former Colston statue in Bristol says he was disgusted someone had pulled it down and put it in a bin.

Mark Hall said he wanted to honour the national hero after the World War Two veteran died last week.

The 100-year-old raised almost almost £39million for NHS charities by walking around his garden, and became a sign of hope for many millions across the UK.

Mr Hall, from Hotwells, was so moved by his passing, that the 56-year-old decided to place a banner for Captain Moore in the Bristol city centre.

Credit: BPM Media

The banner read: "Tomorrow will be a good day. RIP Sir Tom." Under a picture of the centenarian waving in front of the British flag, the poster also appears to show the logo of controversial Bristol City supporters group CSF.

However just a day after it appeared on the iconic plinth on Saturday 6 February it had been pulled down and put into a nearby rubbish bin.

Credit: BPM Media

Mr Hall said: "Some divvy pulled it down - totally disgusting."I felt really sad when I heard about his death. He's done so much for NHS and the country when he was in the army, and then he was killed by coronavirus, which he was raising so much money for."Someone actually came and put it back up, so it obviously means something to someone out there."

Someone had fished the poster back out of the bin to put it on display but this was far from the first time replacement tributes had been removed from the plinth.

Numerous statues and sculptures have been put on the plinth including one of protester Jen Reid and a tribute of Bristolian actor David Prows known best for his role as Darth Vader.

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