Avon and Somerset Police officer to face misconduct hearing for alleged sexual harassment

anon avon and somerset police officer
Stock shot of police officer.

A police detective faces a misconduct hearing after allegedly sexually harassing junior officers - including asking one to send him a naked photograph.The panel will hear a catalogue of accusations against married DC X, whose name has been withheld.He is alleged to have made sexual, predatory comments to Witness A, and groped and kissed her on the lips without her permission.The officer in question is also accused of telling her to leave her partner, and encouraged her to drink shots at a works night out.He is said to have asked her to send him a naked photograph of herself and accompanied her on locations of crime that did not require physical attendance.DC X is alleged to have asked Witness A on a number of occasions if she had been thinking of him, told her he cared for her and asked what she felt about him.On one occasion Witness A told DC X that he was pressuring her to do things she did not want to do, while he said he had "never felt this way about someone before", it is claimed.DC X is accused of reviewing a complex burglary case with Witness A in a private room, despite her suggestion it should be in the open.The panel will hear from Witness B that DC X asked her, “Have you christened your new car yet?”He is also accused of making other "inappropriate, sexual and predatory" comments to her.DC X is also accused of making comments "in relation to personal matters such as her (Witness C) hair or clothing", which would amount to gross misconduct.The Avon and Somerset Police detective will face a hearing on Monday (February 15).

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