Masked Singer host Joel Dommett leads fundraising drive for South Gloucestershire charity

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Joel Dommett, presenter of ITV's The Masked Singer and his wife, Hannah Cooper, are throwing their support behind Thornbury based charity, Brain Tumour Support, following their own family experience of the impact of a brain tumour diagnosis.

The couple are donating two of Joel's on screen suits to the charity and are aiming to raise as much money as possible through an online raffle.

'Joel’s Masked Singer Suit Raffle' means that for just £5 per ticket, people have the chance to win one of the bespoke suits worn by Joel on the show.

On offer are two of his favourites, both tailored by top designer Joshua Kane.

The ‘Golden 3-tailors’ suit is 60% silk/40% wool and the ‘Pink falling blossom’ suit is 100% silk.

Tickets can be bought up until midnight on Sunday 14 February. Credit: Brain Tumour Support

Tickets for the raffle can be bought up until midnight on Sunday 14 February, with the lucky winners being announced the following week.

Joel said: "We’d love to sell 1,000 tickets, but of course we just want to raise as much money as possible, so the sky’s the limit.

"We know first-hand how much good every single pound raised will do in supporting individuals and families facing the shocking news of a brain tumour diagnosis."

Brain Tumour Support, with its skilled and specialist team, is uniquely dedicated to providing emotional and practical support to anyone in the UK affected by any type of brain tumour.

Joel and his wife Hannah have had direct experience of the support that the charity provides, with Hannah’s mother being diagnosed with a brain tumour just before Christmas 2020.

The news came as a shock to the whole family. Hannah said: “You will never forget the exact time and place you were when you heard those dreaded words regarding a loved one’s diagnosis, but the strength and support at any hour of the day that the charity has given both myself and my family is something we will be forever grateful for."

Hannah’s mum is currently awaiting surgery and Hannah says the support that they have received already has helped them cope both individually and as a family.

She said: "Brain Tumour Support has been a huge part of our journey as a family and the positive and emotional support we didn’t even realise we needed."

Hannah’s mum is currently awaiting surgery. Credit: Brain Tumour Support

Tina Mitchell Skinner, CEO and Founder of Brain Tumour Support, said: "Receiving a brain tumour diagnosis is shocking news and difficult for any family to cope with.

"When someone close to you is affected it brings home the stark reality that brain tumours can affect anyone at any time, they don’t discriminate, there is no known cause and sadly so many patients and families cannot wait for the benefits of research, they need support and practical help today.

"We are so grateful to Joel and Hannah for everything that they are doing in raising both funds and awareness for our work.

"It comes at a crucial time when we face a growing demand for support across the country due to the added pressures and anxiety that the coronavirus pandemic has caused."

Enter 'Joel’s Masked Singer Suit Raffle' here.

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