Dartmoor fire ‘contained’ hours after first starting

A huge fire on Dartmoor has now been brought under control - hours after it first started.

The mooreland blaze broke out near Tavistock on the evening of 11 February.

Its remote location made it difficult for firefighters from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service to attend.

Challenging weather conditions also contributed to the spread of the fire, which at one stage spanned nearly three miles wide.

The fire broke out in a remote area of moorland, north of Tavistock.

The fire service said “no significant spread has been identified” in a post on social media at 6.20am this morning (12 February).

“Latest update from the scene - two 4x4 vehicles currently undertaking a watching brief from various vantage points,” the service said on Twitter.

“No significant fire spread identified.”

‘Extremely dangerous’

Multiple units were deployed to the area after the fire was first reported around 7pm.

Ten vehicles were used to monitor it overnight, and firefighters also used drones to observe the spread.

The fire was seen for miles. Credit: Peter Gold

It prompted a number of calls to the fire service as residents from as far away as Cornwall could see the blaze.

It is not yet clear what caused the fire, but pictures taken today (12 February) show the damage it has caused.

Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed they attended after reports members of the public had gathered to take pictures of the fire.

"Officers were in attendance due to reports of members of the public gathering," a force spokesperson said.

"It is understood that no fines were issued. Police are not involved otherwise."

Updates to follow.

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