New fish shop in St Ives will cut out 'the middle man'

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A new fish shop and store are is set to open in St Ives to allow fisherman to sell their catch directly to the public.

The aim of the project is to try to safeguard the fishing industry in St Ives by allowing some fish to be sold direct to customers from Smeaton’s Pier rather than the whole catch having to go through Newlyn market.

The project will mean fishing boats can sell their catch of the day direct to people in the town.

Aiden McClary says St Ives was lacking a fish shop. Credit: ITV West Country News

Aidan McClary who fishes aboard Little Christina out of St Ives, said: "It’s a good thing because you’re cutting out the middle man.

"We sell fish to the market and when it goes through a middle man it’s sold at probably three or four times the price which we sold it for. So giving public that chance to buy direct off us fishermen is going to be great."

The plans will also enable fishermen to store their bait overnight once the refrigerated storage area is upgraded.

Sarah Stevens says demand from the public is key to the success of the project. Credit: ITV West Country News

Chair of the St Ives Town Deal Board Sarah Stevens said: "So many people are so pleased that they will be able to come down the quay and it’s not just buying the fish, it’s the stories.

"It’s knowing your fish is fresh it isn’t sat on ice for hours."

St Ives’ Smeatons Pier fish landing and selling facility project will be managed by the harbourmaster and is due to be completed by the end of March.

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