Mum with Covid gives birth at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

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A woman from Tiverton has been cheered out of hospital after giving birth just days after being admitted with Covid-19.

Emma Bullen gave birth to daughter Yara at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

Emma had initially been rushed into hospital after struggling to breathe due to coronavirus, and she spoke about her frightening experience whilst being 39 weeks pregnant.

Emma Bullen and her daughter, Yara, shortly after giving birth

She said: "When you're that pregnant she's really high up so just breathing normally is hard, so it was really scary to be in that situation and in hospital by myself and right when everything was going to happen all at the same time and not really knowing what to expect."

Having coronavirus can make natural births more difficult, so doctors advised Emma to have a caesarian section.

Zita Martinez, the head of midwifery at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, highlighted the extra stress placed on the body when giving birth with coronavirus.

She said: "If you're going into labour and you've got a baby in your tummy and you're needing to exert yourself, the additional complications that Emma was exhibiting would have made that incredibly challenging."

Baby Yara, whose mother, Emma, gave birth whilst having coronavirus and did not pass it on to her daughter

Emma remained in hospital for a few days for her labour and recovery, but expressed her relief to get home and introduce her newborn daughter to her older brother and sister.

Emma said: "I was just so happy to be coming home. I missed the other two children and I think they missed me as well.

"Obviously they were at home with their dad for nearly a week and I was very glad to come in the front door and hear them playing in the living room and everything when I got home."

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