Community fundraiser launched to save Cadgwith Cove fishing lofts in Cornwall

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The Cadgwith Cove Fishing Trust has been formed to try and purchase the winch house, gear loft and cold storage building, all of which are used crucial to Cadgwith's fishing industry.

I don’t think they’ve ever come up for sale at the same time. We’ve got to make sure they’re are preserved for future generations. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we must take this opportunity.

John Trewin, Skipper, Silver Queen
John Trewin says all three lofts coming up for sale at once is unheard of. Credit: ITV West Country News

Tommy Phillips who fishes out of Cadgwith fears the lofts may become holiday lets or flats if funding isn't secured to preserve them for those that fish out of the cove.

Without the fishermen being able to use them, the fishing industry in Cadgwith would simply die out, you might come back here in 20, 30 years and there’s no boats on the beach.

Tommy Phillips, Skipper, Scorpio
Tommy Phillips fishes aboard Scorpio with his father Danny. Credit: ITV West Country News

Many Cadgwith residents are supporting the campaign, including Sarah Stephens.

The worst-case scenario would be they become holiday lets and the whole historic use of Cadgwith becomes impossible to sustain. If the fishing didn’t take place here, then the beating heart of the cove would be gone.

Sarah Stephens
Cadgwith resident Sarah Stephens says losing the fishing industry here would be a disaster. Credit: ITV West Country News

The hope is that Ruan Minor Parish Council would take on the freeholds of the buildings with covenants in place to require the buildings to be used by fishermen for as long as they are needed.

Cadgwith is the most southerly fishing port in mainland Britain. Credit: ITV West Country News

Over £300,000 is needed to purchase the lofts, it’s hoped this can be raised througha local council tax rise, grants and crowdfunding.

You can donate to The Cadgwith Fishing Cove Trust's fundraiser here.

The three lofts surround the cove in Cadgwith. Credit: ITV West Country News