Postcard delivered to Liverpool home 77 years after being sent from Cornwall

  • Helen Caldwell tells ITV West Country's Kylie Pentelow how it felt to find out about a postcard her late father sent 77 years ago.

A postcard sent from Cornwall 77 years ago has finally been delivered - and is now on its way back to the West Country.

In 1944, 18-year-old Bill Caldwell sent a postcard to his family in Liverpool during his first week at HMS Raleigh, but it only reached his childhood home this year.

The new residents have since put it back in the mail to his family in Bristol.

Bill's daughter Helen said it was "unbelievable" to hear about the postcard.

She said: "I just couldn't make it out to start off with, and then of course [I realised] that's Dad's writing.

"The front of the postcard was clearly military. It was HMS Raleigh. A military postcard. But then you got this glimpse of Dad as an 18-year-old who had just left home and was clearly nervous.

"Every time you read it you got something slightly different out of the message that he was sending."

Credit: Caldwell family

Despite a potentially nervous wait for the postcard to make its second journey through the postal system, Helen says she is "so grateful" to Royal Mail for delivering the postcard.

She said: "We don't mind that it was late, it's been so much [more] joyful this way and we absolutely trust them to deliver it back.

"I'm going to share it with all of my siblings and I think we'll be poring over it. There will be lots of copies printed."

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