Bath woman thanks hospital staff after father dies of Covid

Brian died in January, just six days after going into hospital. Credit: BPM Media

A woman from Bath has called Royal United Hospital staff "Covid heroes" after being allowed to spend her father's final moments with him.

Shandell Williams wanted to thank doctors and nurses at the hospital for taking "fantastic" care of her dad, Brian, while he battled coronavirus.

She said: "It’s not even organised chaos up there, everyone knows what they’re doing.

"When I went up there to see my dad, eight members of staff asked if I wanted a cup of tea or if they could do anything for me.

"There were so many people in that ward and the staff talk to all of them, even though they’re unconscious.

"Everybody has somebody with them, they don’t let your loved ones pass away alone."

Brian died in January, just six days after going into hospital.

Shandell was allowed to sit with her dad, talk to him and rub his back.

She said: "He was really peaceful. I didn’t even realise he was gone until the doctor said ‘I’m so sorry’.

"They wanted to take me into a room and check I was okay but I said I’d rather go home and let them get back to their jobs."

After seeing her father pass away, she said she worried for doctors' and nurses' mental health.

"They have witnessed hundreds of people dying like that every day and they have had to phone people and tell them. It has to take its toll," she said.

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