Amazing starling murmuration captured above Cornish town

Lucky residents in one Cornish town have been treated to the spectacular sight of starling murmurations.

Amazing pictures captured the birds in their thousands performing above car parks, high streets and people's homes in Penzance.

The starlings brought some much-needed joy to residents who witnessed the spectacle, which stopped shoppers in their tracks and captured people's hearts.

Many residents said they could not remember the starlings ever settling in such huge numbers in the town centre.

Starlings over Penzance. Credit: BPM Media/Cornwall Live

With people stepping out of their front doors, gathering at the seafront car park, or just peering out of their windows at sunset, the starlings have become essential viewing for many.

Jenna Pulley said: "It has truly helped us get through lockdown, something to lift us and give us a focus every evening wondering if they will turn up."

Victoria Harrison added: "Occasionally some of them, maybe just 100, land for a wee while in the huge tree opposite our house and the sound fills me with happiness - something we have had little of this year."

Usually the birds settle in the more rural Marazion marshes, attracting crowds of bird-watchers to the nature reserve.

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