How one charity is helping Bristol children access the 'magic of reading' in lockdown

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A charity in Bristol has donated hundreds of books to schools across the city to help children access "the magic" of reading during lockdown.

TALO community is working with schools, like Easton CE Academy, so children can pick books to take home.

Founder Hibo Mahamoud said, "For the young people and children to have some time away from the screen is really important. Books really help people escape from the pandemic for a few moments and the realities of lockdown."

At Easton CE Academy the books are handed out once a week, alongside a range of other learning tools from lego to worksheets to arts packs. Staff say it is essential to ensure the children are able to maintain their education while schools are still closed.

Teacher Amy Watkins hopes the new influx of books will create "mini-libraries" at home.

Amy said, "Hopefully it will just bring a bit of magic during the really difficult time of lockdown. As they donate more books children can take more books home each week. We're going to create mini-libraries for every child at home which is just fantastic."

TALO community has now set up a fundraising page to help continue to provide books for children and schools across Bristol.

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