More than a thousand cards sent to Gloucester veteran who spent 90th birthday alone

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At 90 years old, Tommy Clough is still as sharp as ever. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, the veteran was resigned to spending the landmark birthday on his own.

Thanks to a public appeal, now he won't have time to open even a fraction of the gifts and cards he has been sent.

He told ITV West Country: "We're in crisis, and it does bring out the worst in people, but it also brings out the best. I am now experiencing the best."

Tommy received thousands of cards Credit: ITV News

It was the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum that began the campaign urging people to send messages to Tommy, to ensure he wasn't lonely on his birthday.

The cards started piling in - thousands of them - with messages from as far away as Switzerland, the US, and even the Korean embassy.

Tommy Clough served in the Korean War Credit: Tommy Clough

Tommy fought in the Battle of Imjin River in South Korea- 70 years ago this April.

He served as a gunner but was captured and held as a prisoner of war for more than two years. In the museum his name can be found on a roll of honour.

Staff member Vicki Hopson hopes more people will get to learn about the bravery of Tommy and his fellow soldiers.

"A lot of local people, me in the past included, just aren't aware of what happened," she said.

"Especially the Gloucestershire Regiment and the part they played in the Korean War. That's why we exist as a museum - to remind people what they did."

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