Newquay social housing residents say homes are 'blighted by damp'

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People living in a social housing development near Newquay say their homes are being blighted by damp and cold.

Residents at Rialton Heights in St Columb Minor say they first started raising concerns about heating systems, insulation and water tanks to landlord Ocean Housing two years ago.

Chair of the Rialton Community Group , Brenda Edwards, says the residents have been documenting their damp walls in a series of photos.

Damp ceiling in a property at Rialton Heights Credit: Brenda Edwards

The properties were built in the 1970s and include flats and bungalows.

Resident Mandy Francis says a damp stud wall in her flat was rebuilt, but within less than a year showed signs of damp again.

Mandy Francis, Rialton Community Group Credit: ITV News
Damp walls at Rialton Heights Credit: Brenda Edwards

Group Chief Executive of Ocean Housing Mark Gardner told ITV News that planned improvements to the heating systems in 8 bungalows have been delayed due to the current lockdown. It has pledged to fit new ventilation systems and water tanks in the Rialton flats by the end of next year. 

Members of the Rialton Community Group say they are now making a complaint to the Housing Ombudsman, in the hope of getting improvements to the properties done more quickly.