Bristol Clean Air Zone: Anti-pollution plans to charge drivers £9 a day submitted to Government

High polluting vehicles will be charged to enter the zone.

Plans which could see thousands of cars charged £9 a day to drive through Bristol city centre will be submitted to the Government for approval later.

Buses and coaches would have to pay a daily fee of £100, if the proposals are signed off.

Today (Friday 26 February) is the local authority's deadline to submit the outline to the Government's Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU).

If approved, the Clean Air Zone will be introduced at the end of October this year.

The clean air zone is the smallest of the several that were proposed by the council. Credit: Bristol City Council

What will the Clean Air Zone mean for you?

It is estimated if traffic in the city returns to pre-Covid levels, around 27 per cent of private cars will be non-compliant with the new emissions standards.

If this is the case, more than 70,000 vehicles would have to pay to drive through the designated zone each day.

The council has outlined some exemptions for blue badge holders and families who earn less than £24,000 a year.

Will I have to pay?

Charges will apply to diesel vehicles that are Euro 5 standard and below - roughly 2014 and older.

For petrol vehicles, it's Euro 3 and below - about 2006 and older.

There is a handy checker on the Government website.

If it shows you would have to pay a daily charge to drive through Birmingham, you will have to pay to drive through the zone in Bristol if it is approved.

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