Struggling Stroud primary school set to close permanently

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A primary school in Stroud is likely to close permanently because of a fall in pupil numbers.

Severn View Primary will likely close its doors for good this summer, leaving parents facing the prospect of a search for a new school or yet more home schooling.

"I like my school, and I like my teachers who look after us and I also like my friends there," said eight-year-old Emma.

Emma has three siblings and her mum Jennine will have to find a new school for all of them. The family lives at the top of a hill and has no car.

Eight-year-old Emma playing outside the school.

Jennine Bateman said: "There's a lot of schools out there that can't take all four children. So I think at the end of it, I could be homeschooling when September comes and the children still don't have a school."

With seven other primaries nearby, Severn View has struggled to fill places. At the moment there are just 30 pupils.

The most recent Ofsted report for Severn View found the school required improvement in every area, from the teaching, to the management, to the children's progress.

Academies Enterprise Trust - the organisation which runs the school along with 57 others - has also previously struggled with money and performance.

Town councillor Laurie Davies told ITV News West Country: "They haven't invested in the school. They haven't had an open day in over two years.

Town councillor Laurie Davies

"They've had three different heads in 18 months. Two of those heads have had to share with another school.

"There's not been that proper investment and care taken in the school."

The trust told ITV News West Country that running a very small school is extremely difficult, and ultimately not sustainable. It said it had tried to find a viable way of keeping Severn View open.

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