Warning of M4, M5 and M32 traffic delays as Boeing plane to be transported from Gloucestershire to Bristol

A Boeing 727 plane will be transported down the M4, M5 and M32, motorways this weekend before being turned into an office space in Bristol.

The massive private jet has been loaded onto a lorry ahead of its journey from Gloucestershire to Brislington tomorrow, 27 February.

It will then be craned into position at its new home in Bonville Road on Sunday 28 February.

Bristol tech entrepreneur Johnny Palmer plans to use it as office space for his companies, Intelligo and PYTCH.

Mr Palmer said: “There will likely be traffic disruptions with the police escort helping it take two lanes of the motorway.

“The way it has been strapped to the trailer is essential as a rolling fuselage on the road could be lethal.

“Once in Bristol it will be the centrepiece of the hub of our tech empire."

Johnny Palmer will transform the old plane into an office.

New, the aircraft would have cost £40million, but Mr Palmer got a deal due to its lack of engines and wings.

But he says it's the most expensive office space that has ever been installed in Bristol.

He said: “Our virtual events studios have been getting busy since covid and we need more space at PYTCH. 

"So rather than do resource and carbon intensive construction we decided to re-purpose the icon of unsustainable hyper-consumption - the airliner private jet - and also have a lot of fun along the way."

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