The nine-year-old who has become a contortionist during lockdown

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A nine-year-old girl from Coalpit Heath in South Gloucestershire has spent lockdown learning the circus art of contortion.

Eden-Ruby Grimm discovered her talent for bending her body when she started taking online lessons during the first lockdown. Now, nearly a year later, she is on her way to becoming one of the country's top young contortionists.

Eden-Ruby said: "It's not painful. Once you warm up and start training everyday it gets easier.

"The first time you do it, it is hard, but then you can do it over and over again and then it's easy."

Eden-Ruby has been taking lessons from Pixie Le Knot, who has starred in Game of Thrones and performs acrobatics across the UK. Pixie is now teaching Eden four times a week.

Eden-Ruby tries out some new shapes. Credit: ITV News

In normal times Eden-Ruby would regularly dance and do gymnastics with friends, but all classes were halted due to the pandemic.

Her mother Nerys says contortion has become a welcome distraction and given her daughter more confidence.

Nerys said: "I am amazed that she can do the things she can. It still amazes me. It's taken her a while to get there with lots of practicing. I'm used to seeing it now but at first I did wince a few times!"

Eden-Ruby says she is hoping to perform with her mentor Pixie in London later this year once restrictions ease.