New documentary series to show ongoing work in Cornwall to fight climate change

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A new series of documentary films called Cornwall's Climate Stories are being produced in the county.

Each episode will showcase some of the work going on around the duchy to tackle climate change including the reintroduction of beavers, cattle slurry being used as eco-diesel and hydrogen being made from offshore wind power.

Cornwall Climate Care are behind the films, they want people locally to understand the impacts of climate change that are already being felt across the county.

The series is being produced over the next three years to showcase what's being done to tackle climate change in Cornwall. Credit: Cornwall Climate Care

Claire Wallerstein who is a producer at Cornwall Climate Care said: "We really want to look at what's happening right here in Cornwall, not only focus on environmental issues but how it's going to affect every aspect of all our lives.

"There will be one documentary on climate change in farming, another on fishing, energy, transport, [and] health because we really want to reach those unengaged audiences if we're really going to get carbon neutral by 2050."

Cornwall Climate Care want the films to be used as a teaching aid in secondary schools. Credit: Cornwall Climate Care
Claire Wallerstein is producing a number of the documentaries. Credit: Cornwall Climate Care

The first documentary called 'Under the Surface' is out now and can be viewed here.

Plastic pollution is just one of the issues impacting Cornwall. Credit: Cornwall Climate Care