The 'snake' that's putting smiles on the faces of people in North Somerset

Credit: Becky Powell

Schoolchildren in a North Somerset village have formed a 'snake' out of pebbles to boost morale in the pandemic.

Pupils at Crockerne School in Pill hand-painted the rocks and placed them along a wall by the creek.

They then invited locals to add their own creations, meaning the 'Pill Village Viper' has been slowly growing since it was started last month.

Credit: Becky Powell

Friends of Crockerne School PTA organised the creation of the Viper and said it hoped the idea "will lift everyone’s spirits".

Chair Charlotte Kaszubski said "we are always trying to come up with many ways to connect the primary school with the wider community. 

"Our wonderful village brought compassion and support and we wanted to continue to show our solidarity and to inspire our many generations to feel a sense of togetherness.

"Our viper head was created by one of our fantastic, artistic members of Crockerne staff and together with stones placed by children, individuals and families we hope to create a beautiful feature for the whole community and visitors to enjoy. 

"We have been overwhelmed at the response and are thrilled with the pride the village has taken to ensure our Viper remains intact & safe. Wouldn't it be amazing to see it reach all the way to the Anchor [at the other end of the creek]?

A sign next to the viper says: "We, the children of Crockerne Primary School, hope you enjoy looking at our pebble snake. He's here to bring a smile!

"We want the people of our community, young and old, to help him grow. So please paint a pebble and add it to his tail. Please don't take any pebbles."

Credit: Becky Powell
Credit: Becky Powell
Credit: Becky Powell

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