Tiny abandoned fox cub being given around-the-clock care at rescue centre

A tiny fox cub is keeping staff at a Gloucestershire wildlife sanctuary busy.

The youngster, whose eyes haven't even opened yet, needs to be fed every two hours.

The cub was found by a member of the public after being abandoned and is now being looked after by Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre near Tewkesbury.

The centre manager says they are dealing with so many orphans at the moment they are running out of formula milk powder.

What to do if you see an abandoned fox cub?

  • If you come across a fox cub which seems to be alone, do not immediately assume that it has been abandoned.

  • If it is very small and is a chocolate brown colour then it is certainly under 4 weeks of age and possibly much younger.

  • If the vixen is disturbed when she has cubs, she is quite likely to move her cubs to another earth for safety.

  • Obviously she can only carry one cub at a time, and may even leave one part way to the earth while she returns to fetch another one.

  • Therefore a lone cub has not necessarily been abandoned. If you are nearby, however, the vixen will not return to her cub.

Each scenario has to be assessed and judged individually and you should seek the advice of experienced people before intervening.

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