Bristol photographer's underwater swan picture wins award

The photo was taken in St George Park. Credit: Ian Wade Wildlife

A photographer from Bristol who used an ice-cream tub to capture an underwater snap of swans has scooped an award.

Ian Wade made a DIY float to keep his camera steady and waited for the perfect moment to grab the picture.

The photo, taken in St George Park, won in the compact category of the Underwater Photographer of the Year awards.

Ian made his camera float out of an ice cream tub. Credit: Ian Wade

Ian connected the GoPro to his phone so he could take pictures remotely.

When he threw the camera into the water, it attracted the swans' interest and they swam over.

He said it took several attempts: "I could kind of judge where the swan was and as soon as I saw the head underwater I pressed my phone to do the burst mode."

"When I saw the pictures, there's only one with the head perfectly in position. The rest were near-misses where the swan was out of frame.

"I knew it was an interesting image but I didn't think it would win a category in the competition."

Ian said winning the award is even more satisfying because it shows the progress he has made over the past four years:

Award judge Martin Edge said "This was a unanimous choice from the judges.

"Although the face of the swan is in shade it's all of the other elements which were so strong. Snells window in particular, with the low light and the branches of the trees. Beautiful image.

"I'm also grateful for the detailed in-depth back story."