Carbis Bay G7 summit hotel's tree clearance criticised by residents

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People living in Carbis Bay have described building work at the Cornish hotel hosting this summer's G7 summit as a ‘blot on the landscape’.

Residents say an area of trees and scrub has been cleared to the west of the Carbis Bay Estate, and that ground works have begun on the site.

Peter Hodge, who is a Carbis Bay resident, said: "This is a step too far, this is a blot on the landscape. They’ve taken down a lot of trees, they’ve changed the whole topography of the landscape that was here."

St Ives Town Councillor Luke Rogers also lives in Carbis Bay.

He claims the latest development at the hotel is at odds with the G7 ethos.

The Carbis Bay Estate won an AA Eco Hotel award in 2019, and the hotel has its own energy centre.

Those credentials helped it secure the chance to host leaders from around the world at the G7 summit in June. 

The land where scrub clearance has been carried out Credit: ITV News

In a statement, the hotel explained why the land had been cleared.

A Carbis Bay Estate spokesperson said: "Part of our long-standing plans for the estate included clearing a small self-seeded scrubland area to the side of the hotel, and work on this area started several years ago."

"The works currently underway across the site are part of longstanding improvements to the facilities at Carbis Bay Estate, which will also support hosting the G7 Summit in June.

"The due planning process is being followed, and we are in touch with the Council."

Work in the grounds of the Carbis Bay Estate Credit: ITV News

Residents told ITV News there was confusion over what was due to be built on the site.

Cornwall Council confirmed that it has received a planning application from the Carbis Bay Estate.

In a statement to ITV News, Cornwall Council said: "Like all planning applications, it will be processed in accordance with current planning regulations.

"We have received a number of complaints in relation to work already being undertaken at the hotel, which the council’s planning enforcement team is investigating."

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