Coronavirus: Revellers fined £12k at Gloucester lockdown party

  • Watch the body cam footage.

Footage of a lockdown party in Gloucester has been released by police.

The body worn camera video shows officers entering the party in Clement Street, at about 4am on Saturday 27 February.

Gloucestershire Police handed out £800 fines to each of the 15 people at the party, some of whom had travelled as far as Durham and Stafford to be there.

One officer is heard saying: "It's a full blown party going on inside."

On Facebook, Gloucestershire Police said: "This is what we would call a flagrant breach of Covid legislation.

"A party in Gloucester at the end of February - loud music, flashing lights, drunken singing.

"When the occupants finally opened the door we found someone hiding in the bath.

"It means that, for the first time in the county, £800 fines will be issued in connection with a gathering of over 15 people.

"We know infection rates are improving significantly in Gloucestershire but a large part of that has been down to the vast majority of you adhering to the rules.

"Please don’t get complacent now."

Gloucestershire Police said they have now issued more than 700 fines for Covid-19 regulation breaches since the pandemic began.

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