Women in Exeter say 'enough is enough' as candles are lit in memory of Sarah Everard

Candles have been lit in Exeter to remember Sarah Everard and local women who have met violent deaths. Credit: Women's Equality Party Exeter

Women in Exeter have lit candles to honour Sarah Everard as well as other women who have met their deaths violently in their home city.

The 33-year-old marketing executive was last seen walking from a friend's house to her home in Brixton, south London. Her remains were discovered a week later and Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens has been charged with her murder.

Credit: Police hand out

Many Reclaim the Streets vigils due to take place in the West Country were called off due to lockdown restrictions but hundreds of candles were lit in people's homes to pay tribute.

In Bristol, hundreds gathered on College Green in a peaceful vigil.

In a tribute on their Facebook page, the Women's Equality Party in Exeter wrote: "Our members in Exeter and beyond have lit their candles, in memory of those we have lost, to light a path of hope, and to symbolise our burning commitment to continue the fight to end violence against women and girls."

Dr Bea Gare, Co-leader of the Exeter Branch of the Women’s Equality Party wanted to remember - along with Sarah Everard - those women from the city who have died violently in recent years, including Gergana Prodonova, Sarah Fuller and Lorraine Cox.

Lorraine Cox was killed after a night out in Exeter on 1 September 2020 Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

Dr Gare said: "Enough is enough. Every woman adjusts to make herself smaller, to take up less space, to be vigilant, because of the violence perpetrated by some men against women. 

"Sarah Everard’s murder has caught people’s attention and rightly so, but she is one among many. 

"Far fewer have heard of Lorraine Cox, Gregana Prodanova or Sarah Fuller all killed in Exeter in the last few years.  Male violence against women has to stop. Now. Enough is enough."

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