£500 fines could be given to people who drink and misbehave in Plymouth

Plymouth City Council drinking fine signs in the city
Plymouth City Council have placed signs for new PSPOs in the city which can result in £500 fines for drinking and disorderly behaviour Credit: BPM Media

People who are caught drinking and misbehaving in public risk facing a £500 fine from Plymouth City Council.

The council has recently placed signs around Plymouth to remind people that a new Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) is in place.

Anyone who refuses to stop drinking alcohol or hand over any bottles or cans which contain alcohol when requested by a police officer will receive the fine.

Councillor Sally Haydon, cabinet member for customer focus and community safety, said: "I know we are all looking forward to a time when we can meet up and enjoy a sociable drink with friends.

"This is not what we want Plymouth to be about."

The order has been introduced to prevent anti-social behavior and public nuisance, but does not apply to anyone who wants to enjoy a sociable drink with family and friends after lockdown.

This PSPO and gives the police and council additional authority to clamp down on disorderly conduct to try and cut down on alcohol-related crime.

It covers the entire city and replaces smaller PSPOs that previously covered Stonehouse, the city centre, Devonport, North Hill, Mutley, Tothill Park, and Freedom Fields.

The sign says 'under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime, and Policing Act 2014, Plymouth City is covered by a Public Spaces Protection Order.'

The order comes as lockdown restrictions are set to ease further in the coming months after relaxing on March 8.

Members of the public can now legally meet one other person from another household outside, including having a picnic or sitting on a bench.

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