'Extraordinary' Bristol house with built-in church organ sells at auction

Bristol house sells despite having a full-scale cathedral organ built into it...
Inside the remarkable Bristol house that has its own church organ. Credit: Allen & Harris Estate Agents

From the outside, all seems very normal with this terraced house in Bristol.

But inside, it is a very different story.

That is because this property comes with its own church organ, which has been set into the walls.

From outside, the house appears normal. Credit: Allen & Harris Estate Agents

The organ was originally part of a church in the city, until it was taken down and put into the house.

This was done after services at the church stopped in the 1970s.

It took two years to transport the organ to its new location and rebuild it within the house, which was recently sold at auction.

James Bailey, from Allen & Harris Estate Agents, described the house as "extraordinary".

"Having professionally handled, owned and lived in multiple properties in BS8, I can say with certainty that I have never been in another one like this," he said.

The church organ that goes from the ground floor to the top of the stairs Credit: Allen & Harris Estate Agents

"This extraordinary property is far from what many would consider to be 'the norm'! The reality is that this home has been owned by the same family line since circa 1870 and the amalgamation of tastes and styles has all led to what we see today.

"The current format has little changed for the last 50 years and still beautifully represents a bygone era long before before wireless internet and home hubs were even a burgeoning thought.

"The notion that the majority of the fixtures and fitting were created and fabricated by various family members at some point in time is both fascinating and impressive."

Besides the organ, the house is home to some other very quirky features.

A bathroom from a different era Credit: Allen & Harris Estate Agents
A relatively normal, if somewhat dated, lounge Credit: Allen & Harris Estate Agents
The church organ goes all the way to the top of the house Credit: Allen & Harris Estate Agents

The house was sold for an undisclosed figure.

It is not known if the new owners will keep the church organ.

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