Great Dane 'dumped' in park needs foster home

A Great Dane that was found "dumped" in a park now needs a new home.

Five-year-old Arthur was severely underweight and struggling to walk. He also had several infected wounds - likely from lying on hard surfaces for long periods of time.

The RSPCA said it believes his owner "deliberately" decided to dump him.

An animal rescue charity in the Cotswolds that is caring for Arthur said it was inundated with donations and support after appealing for funds to help look after the dog.

The RSPCA said it believes his owner 'deliberately' decided to dump him. Credit: RSPCA

Staff at The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home said without the donations and "words of wisdom" they "couldn't have done it without them".

Hayley Medlock from the centre said: "We are hoping to find him a foster home at the moment, so somewhere local to the centre because he is still receiving a lot of veterinary care.

"The long term goal would be to find him a home."

RSPCA inspector Vicki Taylor said: "It is so sad to see how emaciated and weak poor Arthur is and it appears he had probably been left laying down on a hard surface - maybe in a garden or kennel - for long periods of time which has caused pressure wounds.

Arthur is now in need of a foster home. Credit: ITV News West Country

“These have become infected probably because he has been left lying in his own faeces and urine. He just doesn’t seem used to walking at all - it is so sad.

“He is currently having emergency treatment at the vets and they are worried about what underlying health issues he has - but he is a lovely friendly dog in spite of what he has clearly been through.

“I believe his owner deliberately decided to dump him and left him in such a weak and neglected state in the park at night. It is so sad he was allowed to get in to this state but I am grateful to the person who found him and alerted us.”

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